I confess…..

I HATE blocking my crochet!!! I love the creative process and making things, I love the huge sense of satisfaction when I finish something new, but I hate hate hate blocking! For that reason I must confess that until now I have NEVER done it…..**horrified gasps** Yes I know…it is an accepted part of crochet and for good reason, but generally I have found that once my granny squares or bags were stitched together, they looked great so I couldn’t see the need……..until now!


This blanket has 154 squares and I blocked NONE of them!

I am making straps for a bag and they were sooooo curly that they looked like piggy tails, but true to form I smugly thought that stitching them into tubes would soon sort it out so on I continued. Only to eventually come to the  realisation that stitching them only gave me fatter curly piggy tails! So a big sigh and a cup of tea later I had it all unpicked, moistened and pinned onto a board looking like the perfectly flat specimens they were always meant to be……..and my bag is back on track!

There is excellent instructions about blocking at Doris Chan Crochet, the post is called Blocking Is Your Friend……what a perfect title! I could not explain blocking better than Doris has so I won’t even try, pop over and have a look yourself.


The blue foam it is pinned to is actually my Parchment Craft perforating mat, I’m travelling Australia in a caravan so I have to make do with limited space/items and this worked a treat!

I know that the beige is looking pretty bland at this stage but when it gets its embellishments I’m expecting it to pop with prettiness! My last bag was multicoloured and looked exciting right from the start.

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3 thoughts on “I confess…..

    • Crafty Di June 14, 2015 / 12:40 pm

      Thankyou Corine x(PS: I still haven’t blocked it!)


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